Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I'm in love with these 3 Apps/Extensions- as a Teacher and a Mom!

Here are 3 new apps/extensions that I am in LOVE with!  I tutor a group of 2nd graders each morning and am DEFINITELY using these to augment the learning (and infuse's a win win!)

Epic! Books Online
An online database of books, free for teachers.  Books organized by category; age range, average reading time and AR Level information listed with each book.

Available for Chromebooks and iPads (click image below to download or add to Chrome browser)

Green Screen by Do Ink
Students can create green screen pictures using an iPad or iPhone. Great tool to augment students writing and reading in your classroom!

Not available for Chromebooks. $2.99 in the App Store
(click image to download from App Store)

Google Tone
Does it take forever for students to type in a web address?  Send it to them wirelessly with Google Tone.  By adding Google Tone to your Chrome web browser, you can ‘send’ a website to each student’s device by simply pressing the Google Tone button. See how it works with this 26 second video.

Available in the Chrome Web Store:
(click image to download from Chrome Web Store)