Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hair Bow Holder

Things I post under everyday cute are items that I've created for my 9 month old daughter.  I don't think you have to wait for a special occasion to make your little one cute- it can happen everyday!

It's amazing how quickly one can collect a multitude of hair bows and flowers for a little girl.  I wanted to have them displayed in her room so I could quickly grab one in when getting her dressed in the morning.  So of course I scoured the internet in search for the perfect bow holder, but came up with nothing that I thought was perfect.  So I made one.  I spent a whole $2.97.  I used an empty frame from my garage, some left over fabric from her baby blanket, extra ribbon, a stapler, glue gun, and gold hooks (the major purchase for this). Here's what to do:
  1. Paint frame a color of your choice. My frame is wood, size 16x20.  You will not need the glass so use it in another frame or recycle.
  2. Use the back of the frame as the base for your fabric.  Stretch your selected fabric across the board, pull tight to wrap over the edges, and staple on the back.
  3. Next is the ribbon.  I used plain black ribbon and only had enough for 5 lengths but you could certainly add more.  I used a glue gun to secure both ends on the back of the board.
  4. Put the fabric board back in the frame and secure it.
  5. Now it's time to add the hooks.  I bought small gold screw hooks to be used along the bottom of the frame to hold headbands.  Since the frame is wood, I  was able to twist the hooks in by hand- no drill needed (even though I love using mine).  I spaced 11 out evenly along the bottom.
  6. Voila- functional wall art for your little one!

I LOVE the way this looks- it matches her room perfectly and easily holds all of her bows (up to this point in time at least)!

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