Sunday, June 19, 2016

Unit 1 Final Project- Collaborate with the World Lesson

Two weeks and I know my Personal Learning Network (PLN) has grown by leaps and bounds.  Being connected to other educators means sharing and gaining new ideas, transforming our practices, and building collegiality with others who are working towards effective technology integration in their schools.  We share and consume each other's information to use in our lives as educators to prepare and teach students, teachers, and administrators in innovative ways.

Technology has really transformed how I communicate with each other.  In my 13 years in teaching, never have I been able to learn so much from others by simply logging on to a computer.  During these past two weeks I was able to collaborate with others in an instant (via Slack, which I love!), plan an entire digital citizenship lesson, Hangout with others around the world, and review other final projects- all with the click of a few buttons.

It doesn't matter if we teach in the same school, work in the same district, state, or time zone, or even live on the same continent!  Technology levels the playing field and we are all instantly connected.  When else in our lives have we had this amount of resources and knowledge at our fingertips?

Check out my final project- a pd session that I've been wanting to provide since I started building my PLN using Twitter this past January.

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