Sunday, July 17, 2016

Unit 3 Final Project: Flipped Learning

Final Reflection: What impact does Flipped Learning have on your classroom? How can Flipped Learning empower you as a teacher?

Being able to flip the learning that happens with teachers really excites me!  I provide a lot of 1-hour after school professional development session in my district and I want teachers to walk away with something they can immediately use the next day in class.  However, 1 hour is not a long time!  I feel that most of the time we have together is spent with the 'basics' or the 'how-tos' of content- especially when it comes to technology.  Being able to use the technology is one thing, but being able to apply and integrate it into instruction is where the real magic happens!

There are so, so many online tutorial videos for software and websites that making teachers come together to view them seems wasteful.  If the teachers could view and learn the information (short bits of information would be best) before meeting face to face that would drastically change the culture and content of the pd sessions.  Time could be spent discussing implications for the website or software in the classroom and working out the little kinks of operating the software along the way.

Having teachers view and interact with "how-tp" content would empower them the next time they want to learn how a site works.  After experiencing several flipped pd sessions, they would be able to see the power of the flipped environment and how they might use that within their classrooms.  Discussions would be richer, ideas would flow, and I know teachers would walk away from each pd session with a lesson or idea to implement the next day!

Flipped Learning Matrix

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